Chihuly Nights

21 Dec 2016 10:53 AM | Deleted user

Atlanta Botanical Gardens
October 22-23, 2016
Idea:  Pat Ownby

Pat & Ashley Ownby Lose Faith at Chihuly Nights

I have to admit that I had to Google Chihuly when Pat Ownby asked me to put together a trip to visit the Chihuly Exhibit at Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  It was a glorious fall day Saturday October 22nd, when 17 Chihulians invaded Atlanta.  (We had started with 21, however many of our fellow CSC members seem to be breaking a lot of bones lately.  Sandy Talbott broke her elbow, Susan DuBose broke her wrist. Be sure to send them both healing thoughts.)

We gathered in the lobby of our hotel around 3:00, then carpooled or Ubered to Campagnoio Restaurant for an early evening meal.

I had envisioned us all walking as group in the gardens looking at each exhibit - boy was I wrong!! There must have been one million people in the garden - ok, that’s an exaggeration - there were thousands of people all wandering around the beautiful, breathtaking glass sculptures.  Pictures do not do justice to Chihuly’s work.  

We were never together as a group at the gardens - whoever we were in the car with upon arriving is who we toured the exhibits with. We never even saw any of our group during the tour.  

Around 9:30 my phone rang it was Pat Ownby asking have you seen Faith?  We can’t find Faith; we don’t know where Faith is.  I was deeply troubled to hear that Pat and Ashley had lost their Faith.  I told her I would pray and hopefully they would find Faith and make a new commitment to do better in the future.

We all gathered as a group back at the hotel courtyard to discuss, share stories and show each other our pictures.  I was overcome with emotion to see that Pat had found Faith.

A gay time was had by all - just ask two of our lovely ladies to give you the hilarious details of a mistaken encounter to Felix Bar & Lounge - let’s just use the word:  Phallus.  Details are best obtained in person.

Great Time, Great Group,
Go with us next time,
Barb Wise

Pat Finding Faith