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Angels' Share and the Devil's Cut by Barb Wise

20 Sep 2017 11:35 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
What is the Angels' Share?        

What is the Devil's Cut?

The name Devil’s Cut is a play on words from a common term used in liquor production. The phrase ''angels' share" is used to describe the natural evaporation that occurs while the whiskey is aging.

Distillers have come to expect a little less liquid to come out of the barrel than was put into it and that the angels' have taken their share.

Jim Beam's Devil's Cut takes advantage of the flavors left in the wood of freshly used barrels. Through a proprietary process, they inject water into bourbon barrels that have just been emptied. This extracts more of the bourbon and oak notes found in the barrel and that water is then used to cut Jim Beam bourbon that receives just a little extra aging time down to its bottling proof.

The result is rich, deeply flavored bourbon that both enthusiasts and newcomers to bourbon will enjoy.

  • All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon!
  • 96% of all bourbon is made in Kentucky!
  • There are more kegs of bourbon in Bardstown, KY then there are people and horses!

If those of us that journeyed to Bardstown, KY, learned anything, we all learned the above information on Bardstown and bourbon.

We had a wonderful trip, the weather was perfect, and the people that went on the trip were perfect...well, except for Ashley, however, he does have an excuse.  Thank you, Ashley, for asking for this second trip.

What a treat, little did I know that there would be a Chihuly exhibit at Makers Mark.  That was an added bonus.  Little did I know there would be a BBQ cook-off at Jim Beam, another added bonus. 

I wish I could end this with, “Go with us next time!"  This will be my last time to lead this trip, but I will be glad to give information to anyone that would like to lead another trip.